Ultrasound Technician Exam Information

Ultrasound Exams

This technique help diagnose the internal problems in a body through the sound waves and where there is no radiation involved. This is used for regular checkups and for the diagnostic purposes. There are so many benefits of having ultrasound exams and the basic involves the monitoring of the fetus during pregnancy. It tells about the growth of the fetus, the sex of the child, age, position, movement, heart rate and any problems if present. The ultrasound helps diagnose about the reasons of the problems highlighted in the ultrasound. There are many different types of ultrasound exams taken by the technicians, depending on the type of images they are required to get. An ultrasound exam is properly taken in a hospital or a clinic under the supervision of an authorized professional.

Various Types of Ultrasound Examinations:

The types of exams included in ultrasound are mainly the Doppler method that is performed by passing strong sound waves in the umbilical cord. Through this baby’s heart beat can be heard. Other ultrasound technique is the sonohysterography. Through this process any kind of abnormality can be diagnosed easily. Then the three and the four dimensional ultrasound is done to take thousands of images, tat can explain about the clear movements of the baby. To give an ultrasound exam, the patients needs to take some measures before hand. For example taking the transabdominal ultrasound, they need to wear loose clothes and have to take a lot of water. For a transvaginal ultrasound the patients are asked o dressed up accordingly, and this test helps check the fetus and pelvic organs.

Analysis of the Ultrasound Exam

When the exam has been taken, the doctor gets the images, checks the results and made decisions regarding the ultrasound test. These tests are useful as for the physicians to get to know the root of the problem; the reasons might be the pain, swelling or any kind of infection. The ultrasound is used to check the problems in the vascular regions, breast, abdomen, pelvis, obstetrical, thyroid and scrotum. Ultrasound is painless and safe. Till today no harmful effects of ultrasounds have ever been detected. Depending on the type of test that is going to be conducted, the professional advices the patients about the exam, as the test may result in the detection of a tumor, gland, blockage or any other problem. The exam takes about half an hour time. If, the condition of the patients is worse, the doctors must get an immediate exam, otherwise the results come after few hours.


Ultrasound examination is also done on pets. Ultrasound technology, as every one knows, is not a very expensive one to get the imagery results of the inner body. These images are quite correct and valid conclusions can be drawn on the basis of these results. This exam has another benefit of being portable. This technology also referred to as sonography is not an X-ray and it provides a lot of vital information. Despite its usefulness it could not produce images of all the areas of a body, sometimes it reveal those result that may come as surprises to know.