How Much Do Ultrasound Technicians Make

ultrasound technician salaryUltrasound technology includes the diagnosis of the internal body problems through the equipments that the sonographers use. They either work in hospitals, research labs or in private sectors. Thus the technicians, working on the equipments, must have proper education, credentials and work experience. Considering the salaries of these technicians is a critical question because it is not a well defined figure. The salary depends upon the locality where they are working, their work experience, qualifications and credentials earned by them. Moreover, the income is very handsome for the ones who have achieved good qualifications. This field is expected to grow at the rate of eighteen percent in the up coming years.

An overview of the estimated wage packages:

We can say that the average salary of these sonographers is around $60,000. But considering the other facts, if the person in this field continues his education then this amount could be increased further. They can earn up to $80,000 and above. The working environment also matters a lot. There are some private and public sector health care units that offer differently to these professionals. It is estimated that the technicians working in hospitals or physician’s offices can earn up to $67000 and above, and in the educational sectors they can earn alike, their salary will be around $66000 and above. When we talk about those sonographers who work for the out door patients, these professionals have the average salary that is estimated to be a bit lower than the above ones, they can make up to $64000 or above.

As the currencies of the nations differ from each other, in the same manner the salary packages of their professionals ranges differently. In some states the demand for this profession is very high and on the other hand in some developed states there is a saturation of them. Work experience also matters a lot, as the newly employed technicians will earn a bit low initially and later on, on the basis of their skills and experience gained, they would be able to earn higher. Age factor also matters a lot; according to the statistics mostly the adults in this field could get the maximum wages as compared to the young staff. As far as the additional credentials are concerned, if they could earn the qualification under the ARDMS, their demand will be increased in hospitals and other health care units. Many of these professionals select any course in this field for the purpose of specialization. In the same manner, after getting the complete degree in any specialized area of study, they could see their demand rising in the professional world.

Summarizing, we can say that normally the salary of the ultrasound technicians ranges in between $45000 to $66000 and above. According to the general statistics data the initial earnings are around $40,000, afterwards they increased up to $65000 till it reaches $85000 and above. The hourly salary is around $17.00 to $36.00. If they do the overtime, then they could earn up to $20.00 to $54.00. Bonuses are also achieved that could be almost $97.00 to $2887 and depending on the quality of work they do share the profits that could be around $98.00 to $6953. According to the data, the minimum and the maximum salary packages of these technicians are earned by the below ten and the top ten percent of them.


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