Ultrasound Technician Schools in Arkansas

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Arkansas- the southern state which lies in parts of Ozarks is a well-known place and is very famous for the hills and rolling mountains. The capital of Arkansas happens to be Little Rock and around 680,000 people are situated in the city. It is famous for a large number of medical centers and hospital facilities and since the number of people living there is so great, the place seems to be ideal for all the students who are thinking to pursue medicine as their career and especially those who want to become Ultrasound technicians because the field has a high scope there. The added advantage of becoming an ultrasound technician in Arkansas is the fact that you don’t need get a state license for becoming an ultrasound technician. The only requirement is to get proper training from an accredited school. Those who are interested can also sit for registry exam that can be an addition to their ranks of ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography). Though taking this exam is not a compulsory but you can definitely add it as an advantage, if don’t want to, still you can have good jobs with lucrative salaries if you are competent enough.

For those of you who are still wondering what is Ultrasound Technician, also known as Sonography all about, it can be explained easily by saying that the job of a Sonographers is to use a particular equipment, known as Ultrasound machine which works on high-frequency sound waves that need to travel in to the body of the patient so that images on-screen develop and the diagnosis of the problem can be done on the basis of which doctors carry out their treatments. The treatment of the medical condition or the illness of the patient depends on these images and the doctor is able to figure out the exact problem area through these images of the inside of the body. There are lots of various disciplines and field areas in which an Ultrasound technician can carry on and excel and the Ultrasound Technician Schools in Arkansas provide all the relevant training to perform in the various disciplines and the best thing about these schools is that they provide you hands on experience rather than focusing on theory.

The various disciplines in Ultrasound Technician include:

Neuro Sonography: This type Ultrasonography or Ultrasound Technician deals with the nervous system and the brain. The neurosonographer uses different types of frequencies in order to diagnose neurological or nervous system irregularities.

Abdominal Ultrasound Technician: This discipline focuses on the abdominal areas in order to diagnose and treat the problems in kidney, liver, pancreas and all the surrounding organs and also the male reproductive system.

Obstetric and Gynecologic Ultrasound Technician: This discipline will let you examine and monitor the fetus of women during pregnancy so the basic focus organ is the female reproductive system. Other disciplines include Breast Sonography and the School that gives all these trainings in Arkansas happens to be by the name of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

School address:
Name: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Address: 4301 W Markham, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
Contact no. (501) 296-1275
Website: www.uams.edu
Type of School: 4-year, Public
Degree offered: One but less than two years certificate; Associate’s degree; Two but less than 4 years certificate; Bachelor’s degree; Post baccalaureate certificate; Master’s degree; Doctor’s degree; First-professional degree