Ultrasound Technician Schools in Kentucky

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Through ultrasound technician training program, you will gain the skills you need to perform medical tests on patients using ultrasound technology. There are many ultrasound technicians’ schools in Kentucky and some colleges have introduced it as a major subject for bachelors and masters. Because of the development of these schools, ultrasound technicians will be able to take advantage of a variety of educational opportunities in the state; including approved institutions prepare students to get register in American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. This registration is good for ultrasound technicians for having better job opportunity. The Kentucky hospital is the major resource for providing ultrasound technicians to other states. There are 3 schools for ultrasound training in Kentucky.

Bowling Green Technical College is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Students can opt for an associate’s degree, a diploma, or a certificate in 27 different programs. There are five Bowling Green Technical College Campuses: Tran spark Campus, Kentucky Advanced Technology Campus, Glasgow Technical Campus, Glasgow Campus, and the Bowling Green Technical College Main Campus. The mission of Bowling Green Technical College is to provide education and training to foster regional economic growth and prosperity.

Name: Bowling Green Technical College
Address: 1845 Loop Dr, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101-3601
Contact no. (270) 901-1000
Website: www.bowlinggreen.kctcs.edu
Type of school: 2-year, Public
Degree offered: Less than one year certificate; One but less than two years certificate; Associate’s degree

School Name: Saint Catharine College
Address: 2735 Bardstown Rd, Saint Catharine, Kentucky 40061
Contact: (859) 336-5082
Website: www.sccky.edu
Type of School: 4-year, primarily associate’s, Private not-for-profit
Programs Offered: One but less than two years certificate; Associate’s degree; Bachelor’s degree

School Name: West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Address: 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah, Kentucky 42002-7380
Contact: (270) 554-9200 x0
Website: www.westkentucky.kctcs.edu
Type of School: 2-year, Public
Programs Offered: Less than one year certificate; One but less than two years certificate; Associate’s degree

Saint Catharine College educates students by introducing many courses in ultrasound technician training. Graduates of this program are masters of entry level competencies in the chosen area of Diagnostic Sonography. Students learn through extensive instructional lab equipments. The program begins each August, students attending full-time for 21 consecutive months. At the completion of the program, they are eligible to sit for their national registry board examinations to earn their professional credentials. Students receive extensive hands-on training in area clinics. Eight-hour-a-day clinical rotations begin during the 10-week summer term when students attend clinic 32 hours per week. During the 16-week fall and spring terms, students attend clinic 24 hours per week. Program goals include graduating sonographers who are professional, adaptable, and capable of passing the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography examination. To earn a Sonography credential, students must pass both the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation and National Board Examination.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College offers a wide variety of academic programs that are career-focused and student meets their needs. This college is an educational institution that provides excellence in teaching, learning and promotes student success. With two years associate degree, you can transfer to four years college to complete a bachelor’s degree and immediately go to work in chosen field. You can also study through shorter diploma and certificate programs. This technician training programs enhance the quality of life.

Career outlook: Sonography is an excellent field to enter with a strong economic outlook. Between 85 and 90 percent of graduates of Sonography program get jobs in their field soon after completing the program. Sonographers work both public and private. Sonographers may advance by taking supervisory, managerial, or administrative positions. Some of technicians move to medical equipment companies and some other good options like in teaching field and consultancy. Experts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that the field will experience above average growth through upcoming years.