Ultrasound Technician Work and Job Description

Ultrasound Technician Work Ultrasound Technician Work and Job DescriptionThe Ultrasound technicians are also called as ultrasonographers or diagnostic medical sonographers. In order to get the job of ultrasound technician, you must successfully complete an ultrasound technician course from a recognized institution or hospital. You must also get proper training and experience in this field. This article provides an overview of Ultrasound technician job description, and the responsibilities & duties of ultrasound technicians.

What does an ultrasound technician do? An ultrasound technician helps in taking sonography or ultrasonography diagnostic images of patients that are used in diagnoses of medical conditions. Ultrasound technician duties include operating sonography or ultrasonography equipment, adjusting and maintaining the sonography or ultrasonography equipment, directing patients to make movements that will help in obtaining the best images, recording significant medical history of patients, performing ultrasound testing of small areas as prescribed by the physician, maintenance of patient records, selecting the best images that are to be reviewed by the physician, etc. The ultrasound technician has to maintain all records related to the ultrasound exam, such as pathology files, jackets, medical imaging requisitions, daily logs, and patient charts. Ultrasound technician responsibilities may also include evaluation of equipment purchases, and management of diagnostic imaging equipments and diagnostic imaging department.

In order to do ultrasound technician work effectively, the ultrasound technician must be proficient enough to operate even complex diagnostic equipments, and must have the physical strength to lift or turn patients while taking the ultrasound images. The ultrasound technician must be efficient in operating ultrasound equipment, selecting the right technical factors, and exposing the film properly for obtaining highest quality ultrasound images. The ultrasound technician must be visually strong to select the best images that are to be reviewed by the physician. The technician must have the ability to manage complex work environment. Moreover, the technician must have excellent patient interaction skills.

The ultrasound technician job is becoming more popular because of the improvements in diagnostic medical equipments using sound waves. Ultrasound technicians can specialize in obstetric and gynecologic sonography, abdominal sonography, ophthalmic sonography. echocardiography, and neurosonography. The ultrasound technicians can get job opportunities in hospitals, diagnostic centers, and physicians offices.